Rossmix Rugger

NORDUCH FIV-98 Rossmix Rugger
(Sherlock Of Glen Sheallag – Knegarens Tarantella)
1995 – 2005
Hips excellent, elbows 1+1, eyes clear

Kevin came from my first litter of goldens in 1995. He won 11 CC’s in Sweden, Norway and Finland and started with some success in a couple of field trials. He started for the first time when he was 13 months old and then won a 2’nd in youth class. He had a lot of will to please, he was a nice, uncomplicated and charming boy who loved water and to work with me.

At the World Dog Show in Amsterdam 2002, Kevin won the Champion class and ended up as 2nd best male and got the R-CC. That same day two of his off spring also won their classes; INT Ch Rossmix No Regrets won the Working class and Rossmix Take It All won the Intermediate.

Kevin was Top Stud Dog 2002 and Runner-up top stud dog 2003 and 2004.

Kevin har 23 kullar med tillsammans 134 avkommor i Sverige, av dessa är nästan 100 avkommor röntgade. Han har lämnat 11 % HD och 21 % AD. Han lämnade något fler hanvalpar än tikvalpar. Han lämnade ofta både sin myckna päls och sin benstomme till sin avkommor.